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Graduates Holding Diplomas


MEUI offers one (1) $1,000 scholarship to a deserving child of an active dues paying member of MEUI. The specifics to qualify are:

  1. You must be a senior in high school and about to enter a four-year accredited college in the fall.

  2. You must return the application postmarked by May 26, 2023.

  3. Qualifying students will be individually interviewed by the Scholarship Committee.

  4. To obtain an application please call Tracy at (860) 343-8712. You may also request an application by email at Please be sure that your email indicates both the name of the parent and the child.

Union Plus Education Services
If you are a union member with dreams of getting an advanced education, or if your son or daughter is looking to continue their schooling after high school, now’s the time to start making progress toward your goal. You can visit where you will be able to find multiple links to scholarships, grants, rebates, and discounts.


SEIU’s over 2 million members, along with other members of the AFL-CIO, gives the more than 13 million union members and their families substantial purchasing power.


Through member-only programs offered by SEIU in partnership with Union Privilege–a program founded by the AFL-CIO to provide consumer benefits –we’re able to provide you and your family with special discounts, rates, and savings.


As a SEIU member or retiree, you’re entitled to member-only benefits such as skip payments and financial assistance in the event of disability or layoff. These programs are designed to specifically for union members and their families. Click here for details  


To learn more about Union Privilege and its programs visit or call 1-800-452-9425

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